'Christ would fight global tyranny' | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

'Christ would fight global tyranny'

In his Christmas message to Britain, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will hail Jesus as the standard-bearer of justice and call for change.

“Jesus the Son of Mary is the standard-bearer of justice, of love for our fellow human beings, of the fight against tyranny, discrimination, and injustice," President Ahmadinejad will say in his Christmas Day speech, according to the preliminary text of his message.

The Iranian President will deliver his speech at 7.15pm London time on Britain's channel 4 Thursday as a traditional alternative to the Queen's Christmas Day broadcast.

In the translated message, the President also addressed world issues and said that "the crises in society, the family, morality, politics, security, and the economy ... have come about because the prophets have been forgotten, the Almighty has been forgotten, and some leaders are estranged from God."

"If Jesus were alive today he would strive to reform the political and financial state of the world, and would undoubtedly stand with people in opposition to bullying, ill-tempered and expansionist powers," the text said. "Today, the general will of all nations is calling for fundamental change."