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Christian patriot, fighter for integrity and freedom

The Mother, The Son And God's Promise
By: Devvy
December 25, 2008
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"If we desire God's blessings can we expect them if we lie, cheat, steal, kill unborn babies in the womb, use His name as a curse word, wallow in the filth of sexual deviancy, sleep around like dogs on the street and worship mega pastors who lead their flocks astray? Can we expect God's blessings by picking and choosing which of his commandments we like even though the act of disobedience brings the stain of sin upon our soul? Can we expect God's blessings by forgetting His gift to the world, His son, Jesus Christ - except when we want something material?

I know secularists in this country disparage people of faith and that my questions are most likely considered corny. The good news is, I really don't care. Secularism is a system of political or social philosophy that rejects all forms of religious faith and worship. Those who believe in nothing are but one heart beat away from eternity. I would not wish to be in their place."

[ As for our corrupt and treasonous US government, we are all in the same boat, unless we should become part of the system for our own survival, such as occurred in the USSR, China, and notably North Korea. A state that demands absolute commitment to/worship of its government system tolerates no alternative beliefs. Imprisonment, torture, even food can be very influential in making people accept whatever the authorities demand -- like snitching on their neighbors, for instance.]