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Clarity should stop Holocaust references

Attorneys defending the former owners of the Agriprocessors kosher meatpacking plant in Postville have now played the Holocaust card in a trial that has become a bizarre chess game of strategy and counterstrategy.

According to the Iowa Independent, Jim Clarity, a defense attorney representing Agriprocessors, has “compared the plight of mounting a defense in the Northern District of Iowa to that of the Jews facing Nazi persecution in 1939 Poland.” Clarity has also referred to the pretrial publicity surrounding this case as “sickening,” and he wants the trial moved to either Minnesota or Chicago simply for his belief that “Iowa is poison.”

In addition to this motion, the defense team has asked that each defendant’s case be handled separately, and the attorneys even went as far to file a motion to dismiss the criminal indictments of Agriprocessors’ executives stemming from the May 2008 immigration raid. Their proposed reason for dismissal? Anti-Semitism on the part of grand-jury members.

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The last refuge of the scoundrel is the Holocaust!