Climategate: falsified data, suppressed evidence, professional journal censorship = carbon tax scam | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Climategate: falsified data, suppressed evidence, professional journal censorship = carbon tax scam

now comprehensively documented:
Global temperatures have declined since 1998 while carbon emissions have risen, undermining the scientific argument for global warming. Now, the public release of hundreds of internal e-mails hacked from University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit (CRU) reveal data was changed in order to fit the model of global warming and support a global carbon tax and trade.

Initial planning of the tax would cost Americans ~$100 billion every year, an average of ~$1,000 per each household's $50,000 annual income.

CRU supplied climate data that was the leading foundation of the UN’s IPCC report concluding "Warming of the climate system is unequivocal." The IPCC report is the foundation of the Copenhagen Climate Conference, where nations will discuss reduction and taxing of carbon emissions in order to slow the alleged unequivocal warming.

Opponents of global warming cite sun activity as the driving cause of temperature change and that human activity in all forms cause less than 1% of carbon dioxide emissions, the gas most contributing to reflecting heat within earth’s atmosphere (here).

The following 8-minute interview of Alex Jones explains and shows that independent university measurements were accurate and “official” data was fraudulent (and here). The hacked e-mails reveal the data was contrived. The global carbon tax would also be a new exotic derivative that would increase consumer prices. People within the US government are complicit in possible criminal fraud; members of Congress are initiating investigation. Other counties' legislators are also responding; Australia here.

For analysis from Ian Plimer, best-selling author countering alleged global warming data, go here. Climatologist Dr. Tim Ball explains the fraudulent manipulation of data here. New Zealand's Science Climate Coalition, here. Cost of carbon tax in Japan, here.

Below is House Committee testimony of Al Gore denying any data that contradicted the basis for a global carbon tax that would cost Americans hundreds of billions of dollars in new taxes. Another great summary video follows.

Expect heavy spin for damage control from the "mainstream" media that so brutally lied to justify and cover US Wars of Aggression. Expect the same confusion of reporting and political rhetoric you experienced from the so-called "bailout" that transfers TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to financial elite. The last video shows the type of reporting you can expect.

This is another example of the need for Truth and Reconciliation to peel-off those involved to break-open all areas of criminal and harmful actions of our government. Those involved willing to have a “Scrooge conversion” can provide powerful information to disclose and end these actions harmful to humanity. Until such time, I encourage men and women in military, government, and law enforcement to use all their legal authority to lawfully refuse and stop illegal orders and acts.