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Clinton News Network: CNN Clearly Wants Hillary for President

For the most part, there wasn’t really anything controversial about CNN’s presidential debate last Tuesday, which is exactly how the mainstream media likes to present their “debates.” They’ll never offer anything challenging to their viewers. All they do is shower the flavor of the week with attention and adoration while largely ignoring any candidate who might have something interesting to say; or worse, those candidates will never make it to the stage in the first place.

Really, these debates have nothing to do with informing the public on their presidential “choices.” When election season nears, outlets like CNN have only two objectives. First, they want to fuel their dying ratings, so of course they’re going to give the most air time to whoever happens to be popular. And second, they will manipulate the discourse surrounding the debate, because their secondary mission is to shill for whichever candidate is the establishment pick. And boy, did CNN manipulate the hell out of this debate.

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