Clinton: Some women 'disrespected themselves' at Trump campaign rallies | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Clinton: Some women 'disrespected themselves' at Trump campaign rallies

Hillary Clinton said Saturday that some women are "publicly disrespecting themselves" in their support of President Trump.


Why are you - Hellary- publicly ....?


Well, Hellary ought to know all about publicly disrespecting herself.
Let me count the ways: enables a rapist husband President Bill Clinton, goes after his victims instead of her husband rapist; delights in being instrumental in freeing a vicious child rapist as she gets the rapist off while badmouthing the child; will do ANYTHING to get power - lie, steal, kill, there is so much - She is completely incapable of acknowledging her poor judgement, her corrupt ways, her personal responsibility for the losses of two presidential runs - oh yes, Hellary truly is disrespecting herself. Just look at the many cartoons exposing just how rotten she truly is. A person respecting herself would crawl away in shame - but, then again Hellary sold her soul long ago and I doubt that there will ever be a redemption for this delusional woman.

Now, all we can hope for is that she will drop dead so we are spared yet another cycle of her brand, because no matter how pathetic, Hellary will not go away.