Clinton Is Strangulating the Democratic Party; and it's Hilarious! | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Clinton Is Strangulating the Democratic Party; and it's Hilarious!

DNC is reaping what it sowed. This should be the death of identity politics


She's The Devil In Disguise


its hillarious


(*because the Republicans are responsible for the Clintons
Bush The First didn't want a second term , and he needed his successor to cover his @$$ , because his own personal Lock Him Up moment was coming on at the end of his first term , and if Republican President Gerorge Herbert Walker Bush didn't feel that the just as corrupt Democratic Govorner Of Arkansas, William Jefferson Clinton wasn't the only candidate that could cover his incredibly large @$$ful of Republican corruption , and psyche America into voting for Bill Clinton , we might have gotten Ross Perot instead .
The Bush's Went On To Support Hillary Clinton in 2016 , As Trump Won Over Liberal Voters , so if voters had found the Bush/Republican endorsement of Clinton , Reliable , a second time , along with The Republican National Review #NEVERTRUMP 'movement' logical , It would be hard to argue that The Republicans Are NOT Responcible For Hillary . The Liberal Crossover Vote Got Trump In , and together Democrats And Republicans have reeped havock on this nation)