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Clintons' unprosecuted W.H. crimes

Joe Mariani

The Clinton Legacy: In Answer to Mr. Stensrud
July 30, 2003

"People often disagree with my view of Mr Bill Clinton as a good president, but the only reason they can think of is the scandal and his impeachment. I ask for something else, but there is nothing they can think so, mainly because you'd have to search hard to find something else."
Matthew Stensrud - The Republicans - What They've Done WRONG

Not really. If some people can't think of any reasons, that's entirely due to Clinton's Shadow- like ability to cloud the minds of his enemies. Here's a short list of the most memorable Clinton scandals:

"Filegate: Over NINE HUNDRED "raw files" from the FBI were found to have been sent to the White House. Raw files contain not just proven facts about the subjects, but any rumors, innuendo, divorce papers, psychiatric records, debt records, or any suspected criminal information -- prime blackmail material. All the files were of prominent Republicans and former employees of the White House, including Billy Dale (though he'd already been fired). Those files should never leave the FBI, nor even be SEEN by anyone outside the FBI -- this would be a violation of the Privacy Act. Clinton blamed it on a "bureaucratic snafu" and the matter was dropped. Yes, the files of the people who ordered it dropped were in there."