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Come to Your Sensei

Last week I saw Piers Morgan tell an American TV personality—a big-time Trump hater whose face looks exactly like a penis—how strange he found it that two people like Bush and Blair, who lied about the war and caused over a million Iraqi and thousands of American deaths, were hardly vilified for their crimes when compared with the stuff being hurled at Trump after only four weeks in the saddle. The penis (Bill Maher) shouted and raved at Piers, who laughed it off.

One of the reasons countries like Japan and Switzerland work as well as they do is that neither country automatically confers citizenship—or rights, for that matter—to anyone who has managed to enter, legally or illegally. One needs to earn the right; otherwise, out. The fat cats in Brussels haven’t the guts to actually declare that there is no free lunch, because having enjoyed only free lunches throughout their life, it might make them sound hypocritical. But no sooner had the Chinese arrived in Japan than they started to bleat about low wages and bad treatment......