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Commentary: Drones and democracy

The facts are truly grim. According to a recent UNICEF report, an estimated 22 million Afghans, or 70 per cent of the population, live in poverty and substandard conditions. Some 40 per cent of children less than three years old are underweight and 54 per cent of children under five are stunted. Over 100,000 people -- most of them children and women -- remain displaced by conflict and drought.

But one thing cannot be disputed regarding US contributions to the people of Afghanistan: a lot of people have been ripped to pieces by botched drone operations; a lot of young minds have been moulded, through the tragedies that they endure and witness each day, to distrust this notion of "democracy".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The aerial bombing is guaranteed to do two things, and two things only; kill a lot of non-combatants, and radicalize those left standing even further away from the puppet Karzai government, and US occupation.