Complete Venezuela Comments From Zakharova: Electric Trouble Came From Outside | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Complete Venezuela Comments From Zakharova: Electric Trouble Came From Outside

The situation in and around Venezuela continues to be extremely tense. Following the failed attempt at the end of February. of the so-called “humanitarian” invasion, and the unceasing provocative activity of the self-proclaimed “interim president,” this week a serious disaster came to Venezuela that has cost the lives of Venezuela’s citizens.

And it came about, unfortunately, the way we talked about during our previous briefing on March 7, through sabotage, just a few hours after our warning. Like the absolute majority of the troubles that have befallen independent Venezuela in recent years, this trouble came from outside. According to the legal Government of the country, led by President N.Maduro, as well as information from other reliable sources confirming this information, the Venezuelan power sector has been attacked from abroad.

We are talking about the integrated remote impact on the control and monitoring systems of the main power distribution stations, where equipment produced in one of the western countries was installed. Of course, that means all the algorithms of work and vulnerabilities of this equipment and the corresponding systems were well known to the direct organizers of the aggression. They, and the authorizers of the sabotage are responsible for the deaths of people, including in the hospitals left without electricity. We hope that this responsibility will sooner or later take the form of a court sentence. Now under investigation.