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Congress speaks in 'one voice' in support of Israel: lawmaker

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi welcomed Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Congress on Tuesday, and hailed strong bilateral ties that she said could never be severed.

"The long friendship between the United States and Israel is founded on common values: democracy, pluralism and freedom and common hopes for peace and security for our children," said Pelosi, the top lawmaker in the House of Representatives.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"...democracy, pluralism, freedom, and common hopes for peace and security"?!?!?

Madame Speaker, can you not hear the disgusted laughter coming from the rest of the world as you make those remarks?

When it comes to those values (particularly as they affect Arab Israelis and Palestinians), those values are only practiced in the breach, not in their observation.

But you, as well as do all the other cowards in Congress, keenly appreciate the reality that unless you give the Israeli lobby everything they want, your chances of getting re-elected in Congress are slim to none.

This is why the US is almost certainly gearing up for a war against Iran, a war which could go global and involve both China (Iran's largest trading partner) and Russia.