Context - The Elegant Key to Everything | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Context - The Elegant Key to Everything

So many people searching for that all important 'truth' that remains elusive: Part of the answer that everyone needs to have, to find what they are looking for, is 'context." Because without 'context' there can be no real knowledge, only data. This is the one thing that overarches every field of endeavor and every area of expertise, which is why it remains the Key to Everything.

The New World Order set out to murder the arts in the early 1950's because they believed that if people could remain connected to themselves and to their private thoughts; then people would be much harder to capture and hold as their pawns in their very old game of Empire.

After a brief pause Science & Math were shoved down the throats of educators as their new educational system began to take root, without the humanities, and without critical thinking; both of which were allies of the by then deceased 'arts.' Science and Art are simply different forms of human talent that can and should work together to advance knowledge and our human understanding of some of the interesting complexities of daily life: The sciences use formulas while the arts use intuition & imagination and together they brought us the advance of real wealth as in the Italian Renaissance. jack.htm