Controversy as Trade Me sells 'It's ok to be white' T-shirts | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Controversy as Trade Me sells 'It's ok to be white' T-shirts

Trade Me has been slammed for selling "It's okay to be white" stickers and T-shirts, with the Human Rights Commission saying there's no place for it.

Nelson seller vjm_publishing has both stickers and T-shirts for sale, saying the slogan will show buyers are "capable of thinking for yourself".

He describes the products as "Counter-signal the Marxists and other anti-white bigots with these decals, featuring the most successful /pol/ meme of 2017!

"An 'It's okay to be white' T-shirt will let people know that you are not a racist who thinks that a child can be born into sin if others with the same skin colour have acted badly in the past.

"Wear this shirt as a white person to troll your local Communists, or wear this shirt as a brown person to troll stuck-up middle-class urbanites. Either way it's funny!"

Trade Me told Newshub it doesn't intend to remove the post, and said the listing does not breach its rules and regulations.

*We'll see how many 'triggered' lefties are out there!*