The Crony Capitalist Bailout Nation | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Crony Capitalist Bailout Nation

Were the bailouts even constitutional? looming threats upon USA credibility, bond values, interest rates and hyperinflation,TARP should have bailed out the people, Swap arrangements are smoke and mirrors, markets will devalue the dollar, Moral Hazard has already deeply damaged the nation

Webmaster's Commentary: 

TARP has plunged Americans into crushing debt; about $200,000 for every living American.

If the process had been done in reverse; if the Wall Street banks and brokerages were picking up the tab to give every American $200,000, then our mortgages would be paid up to date; no mortgage crisis. Our credit cards would be up to date; no credit crisis. We could all buy a new car from the American auto makers; no automobile crisis. WE would be buying our kids new laptops for school; no back-to-school shopping slump. and we would be starting to buy those Christmas goodies; no Christmas shopping slump.

An economic system means that AS a system the money has to flow at all levels and in all corners for the system as a whole to work. At present the guiding principle of government and Wall Street is to drag all the money back to themselves then wonder why we the American people cannot be talked into buying anything.