The crucifixion of John Demjanjuk proceeds on schedule | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The crucifixion of John Demjanjuk proceeds on schedule

Mercy is the essence of Christianity and revenge is the essence of Judaism. This is the great distinction between the two. Here below, Zionist reporter A.J. “Gruesome” Goldmann revels in John Demjanjuk’s hideous judicial torture in Zionist Germany. Mr. Goldmann is either too arrogant or too obtuse to understand how shocking to non-Talmudists is this prolonged torture of an ailing 90-year-old Christian and the extent to which his torment is gleefully celebrated by rabbis, Zionists and ghouls like Goldmann. (Goldmann insinuates that Demjanjuk is not ill: "Demjanjuk’s health issues...possibly fabricated to gain the court’s sympathy...”).

All that the never-forgive sadists have on the hapless Ukrainian-American, after decades of prosecution (including “Holocaust survivors” lying under oath and swearing he was Treblinka’s “Ivan the Terrible”), is to claim he was a lowly guard at Sobibor, on the judicial theory that anyone who worked at Sobibor is a war criminal (with the exception of Judaics doing kapo-like jobs).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is not really a Christian versus Jewish issue. Israel's entire justification for taking Palestine away from the Palestinians is what happened in WW2, even though obviously the Palestinians did not have anything to do with that. Israel already arrested Demjanjuk once before, tried and convicted him and sentenced him to death. Demjanjuk was spared from execution at the last moment when evidence surfaced proving he was not the Guard "Ivan The Terrible."

So Demjanjuk was released and Israel's Nazi-hunters proven wrong. But Israel's Nazi-hunters can never ever be allowed to be seen as wrong, because of Israel's Nazi-hunters were wrong about Demjanjuk then the public starts wondering what else they were wrong about and how many innocent people were executed before evidence of their innocence could surface.

So, for the sake of the illusion of Israeli infallibility and the reassert that Israel never EVER makes mistakes, the Holocaust Industry came back for another go at Demjanjuk. For the sake of Israel's self-image, Demjanjuk is to be sacrificed on the altar of the Nazi Hunters. He must be guilty, of what is little matter. Accusation is proof of guilt against which even innocence cannot be allowed as a defense!