CSIS: Nothing but trouble and shame | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

CSIS: Nothing but trouble and shame

This is exactly why Secret Trials should be abolished and why judges should long ago have refused to get involved in them. The Judges who have disbelieved Harkat in favour of what CSIS tells them behind closed doors have willingly buried their heads in muck, while many of us have watched the dirty dealings of CSIS for years and wouldn't trust them if they were the last source of information on earth.

The collaboration between the Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA) and CSIS is obvious. The brutal raid they carried out recently on the Harkat's home and privacy was a desperate attempt to find something, anything, that might save CSIS from the inevitable wages of their sins!

How many times does CSIS have to be caught in lies and cover-ups before they are disbanded as more trouble and shame than they're worth? At least the RCMP bring in some tourist revenue. What has CSIS done for Canada other than scrabble under rocks and maintain the myth of Al Qaeda for the benefit of US wars of hegemony? The Secret Trials have cost the taxpayers a mint and years of agony for the accused and their families.