Curly, Moe and Larry got Game. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Curly, Moe and Larry got Game.

Iran sends a note to the IAEA to inform them that they are constructing a new enrichment facility. The rules require you to inform the IAEA six months before your facility goes on line. This new facility won’t go on line for eighteen months so Iran was well within the guidelines with lots of room to spare.

Suddenly a thousand tympanis begin to rumble. The stage explodes with pyrotechnic effects and the fog machine- especially the fog machine- goes to work so hard you can’t see your hand in front of your face. Even if you can no longer see them you know the pyrotechnics are still happening. Like magic the fog begins to part on the stage and Curly, Moe and Larry descend from the rafters on plastic quarter moons. The band starts playing “Where or When” Moe pokes Larry in the eye and Larry swings at Moe and hits Curly instead. The crowd goes wild.Iran is in the gun sights.