Dangerous and depraved: paedophiles unite with terrorists online | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Dangerous and depraved: paedophiles unite with terrorists online

The realisation that there might be something in common between violent Muslim fanatics known for their supposed piety and sexual deviants who prey on children has only slowly dawned on officers. Cracking the mystery of how these worlds overlap is expected to improve understanding of the mindsets of both types of criminals and has been hailed as a potentially vital intelligence tool to undermine future terrorist plots. “A way of finding who the extremists and terrorists are”, an anti-terror source said, “is to go through the child-porn sites.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I just got a phone call from NASA. They are billing me for damage done to the space station when shrapnel from the bovine excrement meter hit it just now!

These propagandists really do think we are idiots!

I mean, would a real terrorist hide their secrets in websites GUARANTEED to already be under examination by the police??????

I understand the Pentagon is paying $300 million for their propaganda this year. They gotta stop using the lowest bidders because they are looking like fools right about now!