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David Ray Griffin on Nationalistic Faith of America

The Boston 9/11 Truth Committee sponsored a lecture by David Ray Griffin at Boston University's Morse Auditorium on April 11, 2009. Approximately 400 people came out on a chilly, rainy evening during the Christian and Jewish holidays to listen to David Ray Griffin make a very cogent case that the Bush Cheney administration, the 9/11 Commission and NIST, together with other nongovernmental organizations, created the 9/11 myth that has become an integral part of the nationalistic faith of this country which is not Christianity or Judaism but America.
Dr. Griffin joined the Boston 9/11 Truth Committee for a luncheon prior to his lecture at Boston University. It is at this luncheon that he speaks briefly about how the Bush Cheney administration with the complete cooperation of the mainstream media incorporated the 9/11 myth into the national religion. As a result, many people are not even willing to look at the abundant evidence that the 9/11 official conspiracy theory is not supported by the now well-established facts, common sense nor by the laws of nature.