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Dear Barack: things you should know about Turkey

Soner Cagaptay - The Daily Star - Tuesday, November 25

Obamamania in Turkey will help you change America's image [...]

This is an amazing look at how Soner Cagaptay, a senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, and the published author of "Islam, Secularism, and Nationalism in Modern Turkey" views the world and the prospect of having a Barack Obama as President of the United States, versus a George W. Bush or a John McCain.

Soner's view is not merely racist with a ready-made inferiority complex to back up this exuberant racism.

It is a view from inside Soner's own balloon, one that entirely ignores the fact that Barack Obama is an American, and subject to his geo-, socio-, gender- and ethno-centric foibles structured rigidly around his own human nature.

Obamamania in Turkey?

[...]in Modern Turkey?

Soner, I honestly do not even think the United States qualifies as modern, unless by the expression we mean to imply archaic.