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Delingpole: NATO’s New Mission – Saving the World from ‘Climate Change’

NATO has a new mission. Defending the West from the Russians is so last century: now it wants to save the world from ‘Climate Change.’

According to an op-ed, written by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg:

Climate change is making the world more dangerous. NATO’s task is to preserve peace and keep us safe. So to fulfil our main responsibility, NATO must help to curb climate change for our security today and for the security of future generations.

There are lot of heroic assumptions in that paragraph. Perhaps it was written in the hope that Joe Biden will be America’s next President. Certainly, there’s no chance that President Trump would be swayed by such a flimsy argument nor approve of such mission creep. As far as Trump is concerned, NATO is a military defensive alliance, not another tentacle of the polar-bear-hugging, virtue-signalling green blob.

Almost none of the global warming ‘facts’ cited by Stoltenberg in his op-ed is accurate. Stoltenberg begins with some hokey autobiography by trying to claim that recent temperatures in Svalbard in his native Norway are a dread harbinger of climate change.

But as Paul Homewood points out, this is nonsense: