Democrat Chief Just Admitted To Everything! | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Democrat Chief Just Admitted To Everything!

A veteran Democrat chief election official in Florida has conceded in court that noncitizens and felons possibly voted, in a case that could have national implications for how localities clean up voter rolls.

Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes is defending her office against a lawsuit brought by the American Civil Rights Union, a conservative legal group that contends there are more voters registered on Broward’s rolls than there are eligible voters in the county.

Those rolls are said to be inflated with not only noncitizens and felons, but also other ineligible people who have voted illegally.


an invrstigation into the Bush Gore election


(*Could possibly prove Bush really DID win , and the wisdom of FOX NEWS to 'switch' the result after midnight was justified , along with the hanging chads , because had an actual investigation took place , we may be precisely where we are right now , except we'd possibly be able to pawn off Bush's war crimes onto The Democrats , who admit they're posibly responcible for noncitizens and fellons voting , much easier !)