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Dennis Hof, Dead Brothel Owner, Wins in Nevada Race

A Nevada brothel owner who died in October has won the state’s Assembly District 36 race, according to the Nevada Independent. Dennis Hof managed to posthumously defeat Democratic newcomer Lesia Romanov in the largely Republican rural district that covers Pahrump, his hometown. His win has now sparked a complicated electoral procedure that requires every county commission in the district to nominate a candidate to fill the seat before the chairmen of those commissions take part in a vote on the matter. Thousands of voters in Hof’s hometown outside Las Vegas had reportedly announced their intention to vote for him ahead of the election, with his former campaign manager, Chuck Muth, comparing Hof’s popularity to “Moses.” Signs were posted throughout polling places informing voters that Hof, who’d announced his run months before his death, was no longer among the living. But Republicans in the state had urged voters to support him anyway to prevent the seat from falling to a Democrat.

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You've just got to love Nevada politics!!