DHS/Police are paying school kids to spy on classmates | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

DHS/Police are paying school kids to spy on classmates

"Now the Crime Stoppers program is awarding tip matching donations up to $3,000 per individual student council for supporting and promoting Project Safe Campus in their schools".

This is an incredibly dangerous program, A school or university that has budgetary issues will now receive $3,000 for every student they report to DHS/ Police!

Watch ex- NBA player and PSC spokesman Willie Burton describe their plans to expand to colleges on "Street Beat" a local Detroit television show. (interview starts at approx. 6:30). Fyi, Burton went to high school in Detroit.

The PSC program is funded by "Crime Stoppers" which is run by DHS. A 'Crime Stoppers and Homeland Security' search returned 108,000 hits. Crime Stoppers is in EVERY police department in the country and will soon be in every school.

DHS is using a clueless ex-NBA player and former Michigan resident to start a new nationwide student spying program, all in the name of SAFETY.

Isn't it interesting these spy programs, got their start in areas where unemployment is high and incomes are low? Why would DHS/Police target low-income areas like Louisiana, Michigan and Laredo,Texas? Unemployed students eager to make some quick cash, now have an incentive to turn in their friends and family for a "fast fifty" or more.

Who in their right mind, thinks it's a good idea to pay kids and schools to spy on students? Where does it stop? The 'Greatest Generation' fought to stop Nazi Germany which turned their school kids into spies. After WW2 Americans fought against the USSR which also turned their school kids into spies.

Have we learned nothing?

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How old-school, Soviet Union this country is becoming!!