Did the CIA Kill Jimi Hendrix? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Did the CIA Kill Jimi Hendrix?

BY JOHN POTASH / Rock Creek Free Press

Newly released songs by legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix have led music magazines such as Rolling Stone to feature him in cover stories, despite his death four decades ago. Closer scrutiny of Hendrix’s life suggests that US and British Intelligence targeted Hendrix for developing anti-war and pro-Black Panther politics. Such targeting helps explain why Hendrix failed to release much of his music before his death. It also exemplifies the extreme tactics imperialist governments use to stop anyone who could have more sway over people’s hearts and minds than does the government.

This past March stores started selling a CD of Hendrix’s previously unreleased recordings, titled “Valleys of Neptune”. These dozen songs were some of the hundreds Hendrix failed to release during his brief career. Posthumous releases of the prolific guitarist’s recordings continued for decades after his death. New evidence supports one of the reasons why Jimi Hendrix’s manager, Mike Jeffery, worked to block Hendrix from releasing more of his songs. Leading biographers have said in print that Jeffery stated he “used to” work for MI6—Britain’s CIA. In 2009, James Wright, a road manager for a band that Mike Jeffery also managed, The Animals, made an important claim against Jeffery. In his published book Wright claimed that Jeffery admitted to him that he had Hendrix killed because the rock star wanted to end his management contract with Wright...