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The Die-Off Has Started - It's The Sun

Every 63-odd million years or so, a massive species die-off seems to characterise the biological record of our planet.

Many postulates have been put forward for the reasons this happens, comet strikes, Earth's orbit passing through the plane of the Galactic Ecliptic and encountering denser cosmic dust concentrations, etc.

But what about regular process cycles within our Primary, Sol, our Sun?

The latest sunspot cycle seems to have got off to a bad start, the sunspots not appearing when they ought to and the end of the last cycle marked by higher than usual activity.

One can go into erudite "scientific" explanations of what is allegedly being observed by instruments costing millions or even billions of dollars, run exclusively by heavy-reputation "scientists" who like to assure us that "Chemtrailing" is only a figment of our imaginations and UFOs very simply explained by light from the Planet Venus Refracted through an Inversion Layer of Swamp Gas Leaking from a Weather Balloon.

If you believe that, then you are too dumb to live, incapable of locating your own behind with your own two hands, a spotlight, a full-length mirror and a road-map.

One can find greater truth simply from daily observation, such as the fact that whereas ten to fifteen years ago, Sunscreen Creams and Oils came in Factors ranging from two to six, with some running as high as fifteen or even twenty, but today they tend to start around the former high range and go all the way up into the hundreds...

I don't expect anybody to boost this to the home page.. To me it's very interesting... but it kind of pushes the envelope of what WRH is all about... So don't boost it.. I just wanted you to think about it.

as a back note.. There was very little skin cancer from sunburn, until sunscreens came about.. The sunscreens caused the skin cancers, because vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin that was prevented from entering the body of the sun people, by the sunscreen ointments..

The sun doesn't cause skin cancer.. sunscreens do.. by not allowing the skin to get the right nutrients/rays/vitamin D from the Sun.

and I'm just a dime a dozen dummie... poor richard.. no education future... errr.. I actually have four years of credits in a Junior college in order to avoid the Nam draft.. and I managed to slink into a National Guard medical unit and come out as an E-5 combat medic, without have to kill anybody Thank Cod.. Our unit was never activated.

But I'm just yakking in some kind of vanity post.. No doubt inspired by that wonderful full moon.. go out and take a picture of it...