SCAM ALERT - Does the IRS ever directly call you? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

SCAM ALERT - Does the IRS ever directly call you?


I got into it with one


(*Called my cell phone , 4 unsettled issues , turn myself in to the local police , final warning , blah , blah , blah !
My first question; "Who are you trying to reach ?"
Lol! "I can't tell you that ."
No s**t , Sherlock , but instead I opted to harass . You're looking at the screen , you called me , tell me just how guilty I am , but won't verify that I'm the guy your trying to talk me into being ." I told him you sons of b**ches usually send a letter , "We've sent several , you don't respond , so we call ."
What a dope . Still he wants to go on nothing , I live for these moments .
"I never recieved any , so you may have dialed an incorrect number , hang up and try it again ."
"I want you to hang up your phone , drive to your local police station , and turn yourself in for tax evasion , within the next hour , have them call this number , or we will put an APB out for your immediate arrest and detention ."
I told him I was the police , and , because of his accent , I threw in , "no wonder Trump is going after you illegals."
click ... dial tone .)