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Drawing Battlelines: US Openly Targets China’s “Belt and Road”

President Donald Trump’s pick to lead the US intelligence community said Tuesday that he would focus on China as the country’s greatest threat, saying Beijing was determined to supplant the United States’ superpower position.

Were China doing this by using news agencies like AFP to lie to the public to justify invading Middle Eastern nations, killing tens of thousands of innocent people, installing client regimes worldwide, and using its growing power to coerce and control nations economically and politically when not outright militarily – US President Donald Trump’s “pick” – John Ratcliffe – might be justified in focusing on China and its “determination” to “supplant the United States’ superpower position.”

However, this is not what China is doing.

China Building Rather than Bombing

China is – instead – using economic progress to rise upon the global stage. It makes things. It builds things. It creates infrastructure to bring these things to others around the globe who need or want them, and enables other nations to make, build, and send things to China.

One example is China’s One Belt, One Road initiative (OBOR) also referred to as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). This includes a series of railways, highways, ports, and other infrastructure projects to help improve the logistical connections between nations, accelerating economic development.

Only in the US could the notion of building railways connecting people within and between nations seem like a dangerous idea.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The kind of demonization we are seeing, against both China and Russia, is an attempt at "misdirection" by the Powers that Be in this country, to take Americans' collective gaze off of horrific economic and social realities we can see, right in front of our own noses.




....Is the US is at least 10 years behind China in technology alone! We bomb they build another High Speed Train! How many have we built! We attack African countries and the Chinese sign peace treaties! The Chinese are privileged to a long-standing close relationship with Germany! There are many German factories in China and how many times has anyone heard of the Chinese stealing technology from them? Pompeo is a Blight and Cancer to this Country!

I feel as though what is happening to the US is exactly what happened to Germany when Kaiser Wilhelm III looted the whole country after everything was lost!

Where did the US get so much technology after WWII! I guess we won it from the Germans!!! Of course we would not have stolen it!!

Wave your Flags Proudly and Sing the National Anthem Loudly!!!
The time to do so might be like a waning candle!!!


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