Earth's Poles Are Shifting to New Coordinates | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Earth's Poles Are Shifting to New Coordinates

Recent researches in our planet's lava flows seem to indicate that the North Pole is becoming weaker and weaker, as the magnetic field Earth generates is decreasing in intensity. According to the September 26 issue of the journal “Science,” secondary magnetic sources, other than the constant, turbulent flow of molten iron and rock beneath the ground, exist under the crust. Apparently, they can, at times, influence the magnetic field generated by our planet's poles, usually when the main “generators” are dwindling.

Such seems to be the case in recent times, as Brad Singer, a geology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has discovered that the streaming, molten iron core, which generates most of Earth's magnetic field capabilities, is currently becoming slower and weaker in its output. Apparently, Earth goes through this cycle at various intervals. The last all-time low registered by geologists was about 780,000 years ago, when the North and the South poles came dangerously close to shifting.