EU Elections ‘Last Chance to End Nationalist Nightmare’ – Verhofstadt | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

EU Elections ‘Last Chance to End Nationalist Nightmare’ – Verhofstadt

This year’s EU election will be the “last chance” to kill populism, Guy Verhofstadt has warned, calling for sovereignty-destroying “reform” which would transfer national powers to Brussels.

In an interview with five influential establishment newspapers from across the continent on Tuesday, the veteran MEP and Brussels’ Brexit coordinator gave his backing to the vision of a federal EU superstate unveiled by Emmanuel Macron earlier this week.

A “centrist, pro-European reformist political force” needs to take charge in Brussels following May’s EU elections, Verhofstadt said, stating that the French president’s call “for the revival of Europe” must be “one of the key points of reference” for politicians aligned to this cause.


"All aboard the Eurosoviet Union! The last one did so well..."


Sometimes I wonder if the purpose of covertly assisting a bunch of nutcakes to form the Soviet Union wasn't to siphon Russia's wealth to the US. Weird how the European Union looks so reminiscent of this scheme...

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