EU Parliament Boss: Efforts to Prevent Mass Migration From Africa a ‘Betrayal of Europe’ | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

EU Parliament Boss: Efforts to Prevent Mass Migration From Africa a ‘Betrayal of Europe’

Italian efforts to block migrant boats from Africa is a “betrayal” of Europe and of its citizens, EU Parliament boss Antonio Tajani has alleged, insisting Brussels must put in place a permanent mechanism which would spread third world migrants throughout the bloc.
Ahead of a visit to the Aosta Valley, a region of Italy home to a number of ski resorts, the ‘centre-right’ politician branded it “unacceptable” that EU nations had chosen to “turn away from what is happening in the Mediterranean”.

“In so doing, they betray the European project and citizens’ expectations. Immediately approve the accord on mandatory distribution voted by the European Parliament,” stated Tajani, according to reports from the news wire service, ANSA, on Tuesday.

The Italian’s remarks came as open borders-backing NGOs were attempting to increase pressure on Rome to open the country’s ports to a Sea Watch vessel carrying a batch of 47 migrants it picked up off the coast of Libya last week.

Breitbart London previously reported how Matteo Salvini, Italy’s interior minister and deputy leader who promised to get tough on mass migration, has rejected “humanitarian” demands to let self-styled ‘migrant rescue’ organisations dock, pointing to the massive drop in the number of drownings seen since he began blocking the boats last summer.


The EU's pro-migration mouthpiece just got demolished by Hungary


Morvai Krisztina, EU delegate of Hungary on session:

"Dear Ms. Sargentini, please look around. Of 751 EU parliamentary delegates, only about a dozen are present. And those present are mostly Hungarians, appearing ex officio. Connect the dots. No one cares for your bungling attempts. Your attack against Hungary failed. I recommend you seek yourself a new topic. Since your favorite area is human rights, let me even recommend you one: massive police brutality. Your favorite, your star Emmanuel Macron ordered the same thing what we suffered from 2002 to 2010 in Hungary already. The police shoots out protesters' eyes. [Holds up photos] 15 people lost their eyesight, 80 suffered serious head wounds. In your favorite country this is how the police handles people who exercise their rights of freedom. Why don't you direct your attention to this, instead. Thank you, Ms. Sargentini."

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