Even more American Enantiodromia.. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Even more American Enantiodromia..

Jan 31st 2003. It was the most critical meeting (the famous second resolution meeting) in the tense weeks before the Iraq war. Face to face talks in the Whitehouse between President Bush and Tony Blair along with their most senior officials. Channel 4 news has seen a secret memo which details that discussion between the two leaders. The President makes it clear that there will be war on Saddam regardless whether the UN passes a further resolution. The Prime Minister replies that he is, "solidly with the President", and George Bush even floats the idea of trying to lure Saddam into war by flying an American spy plane over Iraq painted in UN colours. The President said, "If Saddam fires on them, he would be in breach." There was no smoking gun. Blair wanted a second resolution and said, "A second Security Council resolution would provide an insurance policy against the unexpected and international cover, including with the Arabs." Bush said, "The US would put it's full weight behind efforts to get a second resolution and would even 'twist arms' and even 'threaten'."