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Everyone but the Roman Catholic Church Itself – The Blame-Shifting Continues

Over the last few weeks, I began compiling a list of those blamed, especially as the Church spokesmen began really going wild with their allegations. Earlier this week, I posted a comment in Eli’s Seminal diary, "Another Day, Another Scapegoat" with the list. A few kind comments later and some encouragement, here’s my first FDL diary ever, including not only the list but links to the sources I was able to scare up with a few hours of Google searches. They may not always be the best web citation and a few are repeats, but I tried the best I could.

Without further adieu, here’s everyone blamed for the Church’s pedophile problem, in no particular order (although the most recent one blaming porn was just reported today):

* Porn on television and the internet
* Homosexuals
* Atheists
* Anti-Semites
* Jews (especially Zionist Jews who brought the Holocaust upon themselves)
* Freemasons (who were in league with the Jews)
* Progressive Western societies with non-repressive sexual attitudes
* Liberals and progressives in general
* Activists, radical feminists, and gays
* International anti-Catholic conspiracies (in addition to the Jews and Freemasons)
* Petty gossip
* The NY Times
* President Obama
* Satan himself
* The children, who supposedly seduced priests on purpose (The Lolita Defense)
* Absolutely no one associated with the Roman Catholic hierarchy, the Vatican, or the current or previous popes ever
* Homosexuals (x3), which by definition also includes lesbians, although how that is supposed to work I have no clue whatsoever