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Ex-minister slates UK policy on Afghanistan

The criticism came from Kim Howells, who was in charge of the Afghanistan brief for three-and-a-half years until he stepped down as a foreign affairs minister in the October government reshuffle. The remarks reflect his considered judgment on what has been described as the most difficult foreign policy challenge facing the UK government and its armed forces.

Breaking his silence on the issue, he told MPs: "Institutionally, Afghanistan is corrupt from top to bottom. There are few signs that the chaotic hegemony of warlords, gangsters, presidential placemen, incompetent and under-resourced provincial governors and self-serving government ministers has been challenged in any effective way by President Karzai.

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So ,this is what our kids are fighting and dying to protect; a bunch of consummate scoundrels who are there to make sure the oil will someday flow though pipelines in Afghanistan, and to assure that the opium crops get processed without a problem.