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Exalting Atrocity: The GOP's Torturer-American Candidate

So what will be left of the Republican Party after next week's US election? The answer lies in the sands of Florida, where the sunshine-state Republicans have nominated an unrepentant torturer as their candidate for Congress. They view his readiness to torture an innocent Iraqi not as a source of shame, but as his prime qualification for office. This is American conservatism in the dying days of Bush – and it points out the direction that Sarah Palin would like to take it in 2012.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If this is the kind of person Floridians believe they want to represent them in Congress, we should either declare Florida as no longer part of the US, or let it secede immediately.

Everything the Iraq war represents is completely repugnant to every principal this country was supposed to stand for, including this man's abominable behavior, and its consequences.

From the time of the Inquisition, people doing the torturing have very clearly understood that torture doesn't get you the truth; it only gets people to say what you want them to say, period, end of discussion.

At some level, Colonel West understood that also, as he was having this Yehiya Hamoodi tortured. It wasn't about getting the truth: it was about enjoying the power to create severe pain for which there would be very little consequences.