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An Exclusive on: Israel’s Dr. Strangelove – Uzi Arad

This is the man who probably should be criminally indicted for Israel’s high-seas massacre of people on the Peace Flotilla.The latest total is 64 badly wounded, killed, or missing.Turkey, Egypt, and other countries should certainly blacklist him from any further visits. He is Israel’s Dr. Strangelove.
Like with so many other sensitive things about Israel, the question needs to be asked: Why are the major US newspapers and TV networks not telling the American people about Uzi Arad, arguably the most important and most dangerous man in Israel when it comes to war and peace, the man who really has his finger on Israel’s nukes, the man who has publicly threatened to totally destroy Iran, as well as the man thought to be most responsible for the 31 May massacre?

Just a few facts and indictments at this point, but there’s much more that a full investigation would likely uncover:
* From 2007 until Obama and his chief of staff Emanuel took over at the White House Arad was persona non grata in the US. He was barred from coming to the US because he was considered to be a dangerous spy as well as spy handler of Americans covertly working for the Israelis.

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