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Expelled US diplomat CIA chief: Ecuador

Expelled US diplomat CIA chief: Ecuador
Sun, 22 Feb 2009 02:30:44 GMT
President Rafael Correa
Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa reveals that a US diplomat, who was expelled from the country earlier in the week, was a CIA station chief.
"Last week we expelled the US embassy's (Mark) Sullivan from the country. He was, let's be clear, the director of the CIA in Ecuador," Correa said during his weekly radio and television address.
Sullivan - who was listed as first secretary at the US embassy in Quito - was given 48 hours to leave Ecuador on February 18. The US State Department described the move as "unjustified."

The expulsion, which was the second of such incidents in a month, further intensified the already tense ties between Washington and Quito.

On February 7, Correa ordered the expulsion of Armando Astorga, a US official responsible for immigration issues, security and customs.

Quito accused both men of attempting to influence who became the head of Ecuador's anti drug-smuggling unit.