Fake nudes: Ocasio-Cortez slams right wing ‘frothing’ after naked picture hoax | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Fake nudes: Ocasio-Cortez slams right wing ‘frothing’ after naked picture hoax

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has slammed “disgusting” Conservative media for publishing a fake naked image of her in a stinging rebuke of Republican efforts to smear her. She also took aim at the Daily Mail.

The Daily Caller, owned by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, published what it said was being described as a “nude selfie” of the Democratic congresswoman on Monday.

However, the image in question has been doing the rounds on Reddit for a month, and has already been debunked. The Daily Caller article even acknowledges it’s not the congresswoman in its article.

Ocasio-Cortez responded to the false photo story on Twitter, accusing Republicans of “losing their mind + frothing at the mouth all week,” and said the naked picture hoax was “just a matter of time.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

NOT the MO of Republicans, but it is the MO of the Democrats. To discredit her; humiliate her. It's not necessary to release nude photo's of her. She is self imploding. Every time she opens her mouth, she shoots herself in the foot. She is her own worst enemy. Since there is an active campaign to make sure that she is a 1 term Congresswoman, (at the hands of Democrats), I would assume that this might be a ploy from the Democrats to aid their plan.