The Fall of the House of Nariman. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Fall of the House of Nariman.

Am I premature in assuming that, once again, Israel was deep in the fell doings of one more outrage against the human estate? It seems not and ‘seems’ is the problem. It doesn’t matter how clearly something seems to be, because it seems that few are going to hear about it.

All over the media today, you hear about how Christ-like (something is wrong with this sentence) the rabbi and his wife were. It ‘seems’ as if their deaths were more profound than all other deaths put together; the loss more significant. You don’t have to take my word for it, just take a look at the main stream news.

For a more comprehensive look at strange and unusual connections concerning Nariman House, you have only to head over to and there you will see all sorts of articles about activities taking place at Nariman House in the run up to the attacks. You can do this on your own. I don’t feel like linking anything today. I don’t even feel like writing this.