Father and Son killed in West Memphis | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Father and Son killed in West Memphis

Jerry Kane and his beautiful son Joe (age 16) were shot to death during an alleged traffic stop by law enforcement on Thursday, May 20th, 2010. Jerry, Joe and their two dogs, while on their way back to their home in Florida have been made out to be everything from drug smugglers to hispanics, which we all know is typical of the media spinners. The police said it was a traffic stop. But their van had more bullet holes in it than Bonnie and Clyde's.

Jerry and Donna Lee were just married three months ago. Jerry spoke of ending his travelling to give classes and seminars accross the country and was looking forward to staying close to home and enjoying his new life in Florida. They were happy.

Last month, Jerry was stopped on I40 in New Mexico and arrested for not having a drivers license. He recently completed his administrative process for the unlawful arrest.

I40 sounds like the good ole boy stretch-of-highway, where if they spot you, and they already dont like you, you'could get killed. Even if you are just a Dad and son with your two dogs on your way home, minding your own business.

Let's face it. If there wasn't a "traffic stop" no one would be dead!