FDIC Failed Bank List

This is a link to the FDIC that lists the publicly acknowledged failed banks. We're off to a good clip already in 2009 compared to 2008 which was itself a notable year for bank failures, also noted on this web page.

The unacknowledged failed banks are not listed on this FDIC web page. The unacknowledged failed banks are the ones on life support through Treasury Department give-away programs.

The unacknowledged list would likely include about 95% of U.S. banks, and surely every large bank in the U.S.

It is perhaps remarkable to note, that when bank finances fail, regardless the reason, and the banking executives are facing losing their jobs, they simply go to the government for more money with which to pay salaries and bonuses.

But don't worry! Tiny Tim Geithner is going to get the big desk at the Treasury Department, and he's pledged to make all his bailouts accountable! Well, that's what the tax cheat is telling us anyway. Word is Tiny Tim has already put a couple of pillows on the chair and a foot box behind the big desk in the big office at the Treasury.

Now if he could just reach to gold pen set given to him by Honest Hank Paulson as a parting gift.

"Hank is a really nice man," says Tiny Tim, "He gave me that pen set, and, he's so tall too! Imagine I'm being asked to fill his shoes."

Sheila Bair giggled when Tiny Tim made reference to Hank's shoes. "Oh! We're all going to get along just fine," said Sheila.

That's nice. Don't forget the most regressive tax in America, 15% for Social Security! I know it's a big chunk, but it's what pays for America's wars, you know.

That's one of the duties of the Treasury Department, to lie about where the tax dollars go. Tiny Tim is not a great liar, but he does know how to lie, and, he's willing to lie for the country and a chance to sit at the big desk Honest Hank Paulson used to sit behind.

Hank is such a nice man. And he's amazingly rich too!