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Feds Attempting To Entrap Truthers?

However, despite this individual making vague but hostile statements against Jews, the government, the media and the official 9/11 story, he is prominently featured on the U.S. Department of Defense website as a recently retired Navy officer who expressed vehement support for the war on terror. His real name and photo are carried on the defenselink.mil website, according to the reader who related the story, and were provided to us. The reader knows it is the same guy because he mentioned a very specific thing about himself during the conversation that is also detailed on the Defense Department website page.

The contradiction between this and the individual’s statements and behavior in the bar suggest that he was putting on an act in an attempt to attract anyone of a radical bent that might be a target for an undercover entrapment operation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember a couple weeks ago there was a story about how the same "Pakistanis" who did Mumbai were training American Jihadists?

The Us Government needs to create a crop of home-grown "terrorists" on which to blame the next false flag.

And for the record, this story is nothing new. The FBI was pulling the same crap back during the Vietnam era!