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FEMA Is dysfunctional, so we're making it larger?

Don't look now, but US lawmakers -- Republican and Democrat alike -- in Congress are grabbing more power for themselves while at the same time creating a whole new federal bureaucracy. Americans will rue the day it was created when they see their communities under the control of federal bureaucrats and agencies.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency was so ineffective and mismanaged during Hurricane Katrina that it should be totally dismantled and replaced with a new disaster response agency, according to a draft of a Senate report that was presented to their Homeland Security Committee.

The belief is that the new FEMA, which would still be part of the Department of Homeland Security, but should be more powerful, with additional components that would give it a budget twice as big as the current FEMA budget. When faced with a problem, liberals will always throw money at it. Afterall, it's not their money, it's our cash being spent on this proposed super-agency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The reason FEMA did so poorly during Hurricane Katrina is that taking care of the people isn't their job. FEMA's purpose is to take care of the GOVERNMENT in a crisis, even to the point of defending it from the people!