The Fifth Dimension | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Fifth Dimension

The reason we are in this housing crisis is because the banks are making even more money on the foreclosures than they made on the run-up to the problem when they were 'qualifying' people without jobs for homes they knew the applicants could never pay for.

This is a bait and switch that led directly to the foreclosure crisis and it is the major banks response to the demands of the public for some relief from the criminal practices that led directly to the massive numbers of foreclosures across the nation. It means that not only will the banks that the public bailed out, not help those affected by their criminal behavior, but instead will become victims again of Part Two of the crisis that will make hundreds of billions more for the banks than they could have ever "earned" in any other way. All of this has been part of the plan all along-to steal and then profit from both the theft and the foreclosures-to a degree that makes ordinary criminal-activity look like child's play.