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In First Oval Office Speech, Obama Seeks to Ease Political Damage of Gulf Crisis

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama's speech was an infinite deal of nothing and not even presented very well. Somewhere a White House aid suggested using his hands to emphasize sincerity. That failed miserably as Obama's hands were for the most totally in sync, which made the gesture look contrived and artificial, sort of like Jean Luc Picard on an indecisive day, or for those my age, Mitch Miller urging us all to follow the bouncing ball.

My wife commented that Obama looked to be trying for a Roosevelt Fireside Chat and failing miserably.

In summation (not hard; it was only an 18 minute speech) Obama stated what we already know; that there is a honking huge hole in the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico leaking vast amounts of oil, BP/Transocean put it there and the Federal Government looked the other way while the safety systems/regulations were bypassed.

Then Obama stated what we also know; that nobody has a good idea how to stop this mess, that their best hope is to put down enough hoses to suck up the oil as fast as it leaks from the blown wellhead. Left unsaid is the growing field of seepage extending for thousands of feet around the wellhead. Nobody has a solution for that. Also left unsaid is that there were already ample safety regulations and a government oversight agency in place, but the Obama administration handed out exemptions and waivers to the oil companies like party favors!

And finally, Obama tried to exploit the Gulf Oil disaster to push through his carbon tax agenda, dead because the globe actually refused to get warmer but now resurrected to deprive Americans of more freedoms and tax money because BP screwed up while the Federal Government looked the other way.

If Obama thought this speech would reduce the political damage from the gulf disaster (and the speech did not seem to address any other issues in a substantive fashion), then he failed. The American people, already furious over Obama's treason in defending Israel following their attack on American aid workers in international waters, are not willing to accept that they must make do with less so that BP can have more.

Obama is a one term President, if indeed the Federal government as a whole is able to survive America's Chernobyl!