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Fisk, WND : Obama/Israel made Gaza/inauguration media deal

Source: Obama team asked Israel to end offensive
Top defense official says president-elect's aides wanted action before inauguration
Posted: January 19, 2009
11:30 am Eastern
By Aaron Klein
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

HERZLIYA, Israel – Representatives from the incoming administration of President-elect Barack Obama informed Israel they would like to see the Jewish state's offensive against Hamas scaled back before tomorrow's inauguration, according to a top defense official who spoke to WND.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the media, said he was not aware of any official demand from Obama or his team. But he said members of Obama's team made it clear to the Israeli government it would be better for them if Israel's three-week offensive came to an end as Obama assumes office.

A representative from Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office, who would not speak on the record on the matter, denied there was any contact between Olmert's office and Obama regarding the Hamas offensive.

"There is one president. His name is George Bush. We only deal with him. There was no contact with Obama," the representative told WND.

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Monday, 19 January 2009

It's a wrap, a doddle, an Israeli ceasefire just in time for Barack Obama to have a squeaky-clean inauguration with all the world looking at the streets of Washington rather than the rubble of Gaza. Condi and Ms Livni thought their new arms-monitoring agreement – reached without a single Arab being involved – would work. Ban Ki-moon welcomed the unilateral truce. The great and the good gathered for a Sharm el-Sheikh summit. Only Hamas itself was not consulted. Which led, of course, to a few wrinkles in the plan. First, before declaring its own ceasefire, Hamas fired off more rockets at Israel, proving that Israel's primary war aim – to stop the missiles – had failed. Then Cairo shrugged off the deal because no one was going to set up electronic surveillance equipment on Egyptian soil. And not one European leader travelling to the region suggested the survivors might be helped if Israel, the EU and the US ended the food and fuel siege of Gaza.

After killing hundreds of women and children, Israel was the good guy again, by declaring a unilateral ceasefire that Hamas was certain to break. But Obama will be smiling on Tuesday. Was not this the reason, after all, why Israel suddenly wanted a truce?