FLASHBACK - Israelis and Hezbollah Haven’t Always Been Enemies | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

FLASHBACK - Israelis and Hezbollah Haven’t Always Been Enemies

The contact between Israeli diamond dealers, extending beyond Sierra Leone and Liberia to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola, and their counterparts in Hezbollah and Al Qaeda is well summed up by Farah in his book Blood from Stones:

An Israeli diamond dealer, who regularly did business with buyers he knew were Hezbollah and some he suspected were Al Qaeda, agreed. “Here it is business,” he said. “The wars are over there. Here we do business, there they do war.”

This picture that emerges from these relationships is not only one of war crimes, profiteering, massive environmental destruction, corruption and greed, but one of Israelis, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda all working together in mutually profitable enterprises, regardless of principle or ideology. With nationals or operatives of all three known to be operating in the region still today, it remains to be seen if such relationships continue.