FLASHBACK - Rep. Brad Sherman Martial Law | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

FLASHBACK - Rep. Brad Sherman Martial Law

Rep. Brad Sherman says Congress threatened with Martial Law if first bailout bill is not passed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am relinking this in light of "September 11th, 2008–America’s Economic 9/11?" below.

A very disturbing picture is starting to emerge.

Based on Kanjorski's admission on CSPAN, someone tried to orchestrate the collapse of the US economy last September 11th. The activity was detected and stopped, but news of this attack was kept from the American people from September 11th 2008 until January 27th 2009 when Kanjorski blurted it out.

Suspicion falls of course on Israel, both because of their prior history of false flag attacks to trick the US into war on Israel's enemies, and also because of the obvious "USS Liberty" style silence we are seeing by the US Government and by the entire corporate media, which has yet to acknowledge the events Kanjorski described.

It appears that, as was the case with USS Liberty, the US Government once again is protecting the real culprits, even to the point of allowing Americans to suffer severe economic hardships which may be the direct result of this new 9-11 attack rather than embarrassing our so-called ally in the Middle East.

I want to emphasize that again. This entire economic crash we are suffering today may be artificially created to push us to war.

This video underscores the suddenness with which the "crisis" appeared and the extreme threats used to coerce Congress into passing the bill.

Something stinks to high heaven here. If what Kanjorski says is true, this nation was attacked again on 9-11-08, and the fact of that attack and the perpetrators are being kept form us, even as we lose our jobs and our homes in the aftermath. The US Government is not thinking what is best for the American people.

If you are not angry, then you are already dead.