Fox News are liars, thieves and BP shills | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Fox News are liars, thieves and BP shills

A young man contacted me about using video footage of mine for a music video about the BP Slick. I gave him permission on a limited basis. The video was completed and posted to You Tube and Fox filed a copyright claim that the video (mine) was fox licensed and therefore not acceptable content. All aerial footage is mine and I can back it up with metadata, flight logs, personal accounts from pilot, coordinator, and the 3 of us in the plane.

Robert has done nothing wrong in using MY video clips and I will back him up in any legal claim he might want to take against Fox, the news shills for BP Slick!

After this interview, Fox laid claim to my video clips and photos of the BP Slick Disaster. They are now claiming that You Tube videos created WITH MY PERMISSION are theirs. Fox is trying to prevent this video from being aired on YT claiming the footage. If anyone gets a challenge from Fox on this please let me and my lawyers know!